Map iconIn the middle of the growth corridor, San Marcos is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It has ranked first in growth for three consecutive years and has made several “Most Desirable Cities” lists. San Marcos has been designated by Forbes Magazine as being in the center of the “Next Great Metropolis” (2017), “Best Place To Retire” (Forbes 2018) and "#11th Coolest Town In America.

Austin and San Antonio are becoming connected as a linear metropolis along Interstate 35 with San Marcos positioned squarely in the middle. Texas State University continues to grow with nearly 40,000 students in addition to the local population. The center point of the community is the spring-fed San Marcos River, which joins with the Blanco River just south of town. San Marcos is home to the largest outlet mall in the country and Amazon has many employees at their new warehouse facility. The Texas Hill Country, a popular area known for its rolling landscapes, wineries, and tourism starts in San Marcos and continues west. Austin is only a 40-minute drive to the north and San Antonio less than an hour south. Houston is an easy three-hour commute east and the Gulf of Mexico coast is a short 3 ½ hours south. The country's largest outlet mall is just a few miles south of San Marcos.


The Old Mill Business Park: A History of Serving Local Businesses & the Community

In the late 80s, an abandoned wool processing plant on twelve acres was purchased and turned into the thriving Old Mill Business Park, which is a 120,000 square foot facility hosting a wide variety of companies with hundreds of employees and numerous daily visitors. The original concrete building dates back to 1924 and is nationally recognized by receipt of its distinguished listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Shops At Mill Street Crossing is a new development being built as part of the Old Mill 12 acre complex which is on the rapidly growing north side of San Marcos. The site is surrounded by multi-family properties with 3,000 students in just the three nearby apartment complexes within easy walking distance with many thousands of additional students living in nearby apartments and homes in addition to local residents and several industrial developments including the River Ridge Industrial Park, CFAN, and United Technologies Aerospace with more industrial development planned. The Blanco Vista residential development now has 1,100 up-scale homes built and they are in the process of building 400 more homes. There are several other residential developments in the immediate area. There is no commercial/retail service for any of these. Mill Street has an exceptionally high traffic count of local traffic and is a popular shortcut used to reach I 35 and the University. Mill Street is currently being completely rebuilt to account for the high volume of traffic.

The Shops At Mill Street Crossing are less than ¼ mile from I 35 and one mile from the Texas State University campus. It is on the university bus stop. This development is an exciting addition to the north side of San Marcos and will bring a wide range of shops and services to this very underserved part of the city.


 The San Marcos Mill was such an important development that even today a whole section of town near the Mill is still known as Millview East and Millview West.
Notice the density of the apartment complexes within easy walking distance.


A casual observer may miss critical demographic factors related to the new Mill Street Crossing shopping center. In terms of population, Mill Street Crossing is located in one of the more densely populated areas of San Marcos. Almost two dozen apartment complexes, many of them newly developed, are a short drive or in many cases a short walk away. Mill Street Crossing is also the closest commercial development for the thousands of homes in the growing Blanco Vista neighborhood and those living off Lime Kiln and Hilliard Roads.

Mill Street Crossing is easy for consumers to reach from all directions. Even with a surprisingly high daily traffic count, the area roads make Mill Street Crossing a convenient shopping destination with multiple entrances and exits to and from San Marcos as well as IH35 which is only a short quarter-mile away.

In terms of traffic counts, the following 2018 official figures show the number of vehicles that daily travel streets near Mill Street Crossing.



  • Mill Street 7,500 (Fronts Mill Street Crossing)
  • Uhland Road 7,000 (Major Feed to Mill Street)
  • Post Road 7,400 (Old San Marcos Austin Hwy)
  • Lime Kilm Road 5,500 (15 Mile Long Dead End Road serving thousands of residents with zero commercial development)


  • Texas State University Campus begins 1 mile from MSC
  • Interstate 35 1/4 mile from MSC
  • Multiple Approaches with no One Way streets

The magnitude of the student and resident population base surround Mill Street Crossing and the near-total lack of commercial development can only be appreciated by driving the area and also by noting that thousands of additional residents reside on the 15 mile long dead-end road (Lime Kilm) that intersects Post Road just 1/4 mile from Mill Street Crossing. There is zero commercial development for these residents. Mill Street Crossing is also easily accessible to the many residents that live on the east side of I 35 which also has no commercial development.